Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Note

Hi, everyone! I noticed I have a few new followers. Welcome! I hope you enjoy my ramblings. 

Older followers might remember my post "Books, Twists of Fate, and Sushi" that discussed the reading competition held nationwide in Germany. My daughter is participating and will be taking part in the next round (Bezirksentscheid) TODAY. Please join me in thinking positive thoughts for her. This competition means very much to her. My bookworm wants to win!

If we don't get home too late this evening, I will post my next A to Z Blogging Challenge post (letter I). Otherwise, I will posts both I and J on Tuesday.

I appreciate any positive energy you can send our way.

Thanks :-)


Angela Felsted said...

Don't stretch yourself too thin, and I hope your daughter does well. Will look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Jingle said...

smooth sailings.

Linda H. said...

Thank you, Angela and Jingle, for your well wishes. Competition was fierce and it was close, but they chose another girl. Katarina is so disappointed.