Saturday, January 4, 2014

I am Start(ing) the Year Off Write

Hi, everyone and HAPPY 2014! I hope you all rang in the new year having a blast with friends and/or family.

We have a brand new year with new adventures and challenges awaiting us. We have new goals and hopes and dreams. Some people have made resolutions. Many of my writer friends have decided to finish that novel, submit more flash fiction or poetry to literary journals, or blog more frequently. I've decided to write more of what I like. Over the past two years I've written mostly poetry and flash fiction for adults and a tiny bit of non-fiction. I really miss writing for children, so I hope to concentrate on that a bit more this year. In fact, I have several ideas for magazine articles and pictures books and even a chapter book. AND this year I am going to start the year off write. Yes, I mean write and not right, because I am taking part in Shannon Abercrombie's Start The Year Off Write Challenge.

You might be thinking Oh, a writing challenge. Who can take part? Bloggers? Children's writers? Poets? Anyone? And how does this challenge work?

This challenge is for picture book writers, middle grade writers and young adult writers.  Everyone is welcome to participate and it’s FREE.

For 21 days, beginning on January 5th, a talented array of authors and illustrators will be sharing insights into their writing practices and providing a writing prompt/exercise to complete. Each day you complete the given exercise, you earn an entry to win one of the grand prizes.  Yes, I said PRIZES!!! Some of these prizes include a critique of your work by an agent or editor, proofreading by a copy editor, and tons of other cool stuff. Plus, there is a "super secret grand prize"... Nothing like a little mystery to add more excitement.

Now you should be asking yourself How do I sign up?

CLICK HERE to go to Shannon's blog for registration information. It's as simple as that.

I am ready to get the creative juices flowing again and am sure Shannon's line-up of literary professionals will give me the kick I need. And then, folks, I can kick it up in 2014.

I've also signed up for a few other challenges this year. More details on those in a future post.