A mouse and his spouse

A mouse and his spouse,
tiny guests in my house,
oftentimes feel misled.

Every time I say “Cheese,”
they flat out call me a tease
‘cause I take their picture instead.

(c) Jacqueline Hallenbeck
Congratulations to Jacqueline! She wins a signed copy of R.J. Clarken's book, Mugging for the Camera which is described as "a fun and funny collection of odd, off-beat and really quirky poetry which can be enjoyed by anyone who has a good sense of humor, a whimsical imagination and a fair appreciation of the witty bon mot. Penned in mostly light verse, this album of original 'snapshots' makes use of (and frequently abuses) classic metrics like the ever-popular iambic pentameter; and in the process, often wreaks general havoc upon traditional poetry forms such as sonnets, haiku, couplets, etc. in order to capture those special moments in time having to do with creative and unusual word play, peculiar events in the weird news and everyday life in the suburbs, among other things." If you aren't familiar with R.J.'s work, go check it out. I know it always makes me smile.

And a big thanks to R.J. for donating the signed book. You rock!

The other winner is the "kid's choice" award. My daughter awards that to Marie Elena Good of Poetic Bloomings for her poem.

                                           The Mouse and His Spouse

                                           The mouse had a spouse with a very big brain,
                                           And he a big ego, and so she would feign
                                           Nonsensical humor, absurd and inane,
                                           To make him feel good for each thought he’d retain.

                                          ‘Til one day he realized just what she had done.
                                           He got on her case, and he ruined her fun.
                                           “I figured it helped you feel shrewder, my Hon.
                                            I know that you need to feel YOU’re the smart one.”

                                           He squeezed her and told her, “No need to appease.
                                           I know I’m the one with the great expertise
                                           To outsmart the mousetrap with flair and with ease,
                                           And keep us in plenty of mouse-lovin’ cheese!”

                                           The spouse of the mouse said, “You’re one sharp chap,
                                           And the brain in my head likes your fine thinking cap.”
                                           Then the mouse and his spouse took a nice little nap
                                           (‘til she sneaked out to disarm their daily mousetrap).
                                           (c) Marie Elena Good
Marie Elena is the winner of a signed copy of  the book Natural Musings: Photography and Poetry by Michelle Hed. This book combines Michelle's stunning photos with her short poem. A perfect combination. I know because I have this one on my book shelf. But why not check it out yourself.
Michelle was also kind enough to donate the signed copy of her book. You also rock. (I had to resist the urge to type, "you rock, Hed!" LOL. Yeah, I know, Michelle. You probably tire of hearing the "head" jokes and you know I usually never do them but couldn't help myself. Seriously though....you ROCK!)
The other two poems that were one the lists are our runners-up. They have no idea they've won and they'll have to wait a tiny bit longer to find out, because today is the day for Jacqueline and Marie Elena to shine.
I'll announce the runners-up sometime in the next week, so stay tuned in to find out who wins some tasty, European chocolates.
Thanks to everyone for taking part. It sure was a blast!