Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Window #7 -

 The weekend is almost over and I am late posting my Weekend Window, where I share cool art (written or visual) that I discovered on the web this week.

I usually have about three links to share but the weather has been so nice and I've started spring cleaning and am spending time outdoors with family, so today I have only one for you-- a poem by De Jackson. Scoot on over to her blog and check out To Love the Poem.

I hope the weather is also lovely where you are and that you've enjoyed the weekend.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Window #6 - February/Water Fall/Celebration/Black & White

For today's weekend window (where I share links to cool artwork or writing I've discovered online in the past week) I have two poems and , a photo, and a blog post.

First, poetry.I was reading the latest work at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily. If you aren't familiar with this journal, go check it out. I like how they combine photos and poetry by different artists (though they don't do that with every post. But when they do, they complement each other perfectly.) I found a lovely poem by Donna Vorreyer posted on March 31. It caught my attention because it is one a theme I've been writing about recently, learning to let go of a loved-one after they have passed. This is beautifully written, so go on over and read "You Leave in February". And while you are there, maybe check out more of the work on their website.

The second poem I'd like to link to is "Water Fall" by Kailani Bird Clarke. When I read this poem in my Rattle newsfeed it blew me away to think that a 14-year-old wrote it. I like the concept, the imagery, the play on words. If you are curious about writers of the younger generation today (or even if you just want to read cool stuff), this is definitely worth a read.

Speaking of kids and writing, what about people who write for children? When I think of some of my favorite childhood books I think of Beverly Cleary, Roald Dahl, and Judy Blume (and Rockwell's book How to Eat Fried Worms). I stumbled upon a post today about Bevely Cleary. Today is her birthday. She's 99! To read that blog post by Juliana Lee, follow the link to her post "Drop Everything and Read".

Last but not least is our artwork post of the week. I love black and white photography. Another element I like in photos is the use of shadows. A photo by Vivian Maier utilizes both of these and Maud Casey reflects on it at a post from July of last year in The New England Review.

I hope one of these links brings you to something you enjoy. And if you go to all four links, feel free to write in the comments box and tell me which one you liked best.

Enjoy what is left of your Sunday and best wishes for the week to come.