Sunday, May 13, 2012

I think by year's end I might earn the award for The World's Laziest Blogger. However, I have been writing. In fact, I recently took 6th place in a tanka poetry contest. Click here to see the announcement. Also, today I received a copy of the May issue of The Poetic Pin Up Revue in the mail. My poem, The Possibility of Brackets, is featured in it. Also, I've had work included in an anthology. No word yet on the publication date. So, really, I am not avoiding writing at all. In fact, I have started work on bigger projects as well.

Plus, I like to spend time in the "real world" with my husband, daughter, friends. At the present time I am busy preparing for a visitors. My in-laws are coming soon and staying with us for four weeks. Therefore, if I don't post frequently, you'll know why. I'll be entertaining.

I do hope to host a blog contest in the near future where you can win a copy of the book Prompted which has two of my poems in it. Stay tuned for details. I hope to do that by the first week of June.

Oh, I almost honor of poetry month the lovely and talent Cara Holman decided to host a Poet Showcase spotlighing several poets and asked me to take part. You can see my page here. Now how cool is that?

I guess my husband is right...if you don't send your work out, you can't be accepted. LOL. I've started submitting more of my work and it is going well. In fact, I took part in a "write a poem a day" challenge in April. I hope to revise and polish those and find some homes for them.

I remember one of the first poems I wrote was for Mother's Day. It was an assignment in elementary school English class. I don't really remember the words but we had to finish the lines "Roses are red, violets are blue..." Sooooo....why don't you humor me and finish those lines for me. Write something silly to make me laugh. Post your poem in the comments section. And if you can't be funny, then sweet will do.

"petals and pistils " by Linda Hofke

Here are some flowers for all you mothers out there. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!