Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Early April Update

It's April, so I am doing writing challenges. Some are working out better than others. I did manage to send off a submission this week, something I haven't done in quite a while. One was a sonnet, the other free verse.  

I also heard back from the editor of a print literary magazine regarding a photo I submitted. She says, "I like how it looks online, but I will have to make my final decision once I see the proof copy, so please keep that in mind." I am hoping this one works out. It is a journal I've been wanting to be published in, so wish me luck. I'd also like to have written work accepted here in the future which means I'll need to polish some work and send it in.

In March I submitted to a photo contest, and this week I was notified that I won!!! To read about it and see my winning photo, CLICK HERE.

My last bit of news today is for all my writer friends. I just found out that the talented Khara House and two of her friends are starting their own literary journal called Bloodstone Review. The first reading period begins on May 1, so go check it out (LINK HERE).

For my non-writing friends I'll share a pretty daffodil photo I took.

If spring hasn't arrived in your part of the world yet, you can look at it and imagine that the flower buds are bursting open and coloring your world with bright yellow, forget-me-not blue, ruby red, and shades of pink. The sun is shining down on the green grass. The birds are nesting in the trees and singing joyfully.  Ah, don't you just love spring!