Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birthday Bash Contest Reminder

Hi, everyone!

I just received notification that an autographed copy of RJ Clarken's book, Mugging for the Camera, will definitely be offered as a prize in the Birthday Bash Poetry Contest. If you haven't entered, that should be incentive enough to get you writing. RJ writes some delightfully silly poems. She also writes serious work, and it was just announced last night that RJ won the Pantoum Poetry Form Challenge at Writer's Digest. Congratulations, RJ!

There are still four days left to enter the Birthday Bash Poetry Contest. CLICK HERE to go to the original post listing the guidelines.

I have enlisted the help of my daughter and husband to help with judging. As poems come in I copy and paste them (excluding name) into a file. After the deadline I will print a copy of the file for each judge. The two winners will be notified by the end of March.

Several of the contest entries are listed in the comment section of the original post. Others have been received by email. We currently have about 20, but keep 'em comin'. The more poems, the more difficult it is to decide and the more I can torture my two judges (insert evil smirk here). But seriously, just send them in, because I love reading them. It sure beats housework.

Well, since I don't have any entries to read at the moment, I guess I will tackle the ironing.





Pretty please.


De said...

I have "Mugging." It's wonderful! Loves me some RJ! :)

Wish I had time to write another one tonight. Poeming is so much better than housework, AMEN!

sherylssporadicspurtings said...

I have the book, too. RJ's poems are so much fun to read.

Linda H. said...

Don't worry, folks! If you already have "Mugging for the Camera" there are alternate prizes.

De said...

Just snuck a last minute entry in. That Pig in the Wig has been harassing me all week. ;)

Thanks again, Linda. These were big fun.