Friday, March 1, 2013

Birthday Bash Poetry Contest

This post might be sort of rushed, because I just came up with this birthday bash contest about half an hour ago. In fact, I haven't even sorted out all the details yet but there isn't much time to think. I just need to type, type, type and figure it out as I go, because tomorrow is the big day.

Those who know me well know that though I have a February birthday, mine has already passed. So whose birthday are we celebrating? I'll give you a hint. He wrote one book, two books, three books, four, five books, six book and a whole lot more. He had red books, blue books, yellow, tangerine, and a very famous book about eggs that are green. He wrote rhyming books that brought him great fame. By now you probably all know his name.

That's right. Tomorrow (March 2) is the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss. Other pen-names include Theo LeSieg (LeSieg is Geisel spelled backwards) and Rosetta Stone.

In honor of his birthday, I am holding a poetry writing contest. The rules are as follows:

1. The poem must rhyme. After all, Dr. Seuss is best remembered for his ability to write appealing rhyming stories that both children and adults enjoyed reading.

2. The poem must use one of the following four titles.

     The Pig in the Wig
     The Cow in the Towel
     Goats in Petticoats
     The Mouse and his Spouse

Yes, I know. You could probably think of quite a few more titles, maybe even more exciting ones, but those are the four choices. That means there should be no poems entitled Turkey and the Beef Jerky or The Monkey and his Junkie or The Squirrel and the Epidural. If you do send me something like that, I admit that I will probably take great pleasure in reading your work. However, it will not be eligible for the contest.

Also, the poem itself must focus on the title chosen. By that I mean, if you pick The Pig in the Wig, the poem must revolve around a pig who is wearing a wig. You can't write about a boy who is grumpy all day and his parents use all sorts of failed methods to get him to smile and then in the last few lines have him smile because a pig in a wig goes trotting by. 

3. The poems should be rated PG-13 because my daughter will be one of the judges.

4. There is no restriction on how long or short the poem should be. It doesn't even need to be funny. Though we do love funny. Just make sure it has some sort of rhyme scheme. AND you can enter up to 4 times-- once for each title.

5. The deadline is March 16 (that gives you two weeks) and the winners will be announced by March 31. You may post your poem directly in the comments section of this post or if you prefer to send your poem by email, write "I wish to email my poem" in the comments section and I will contact you regarding how to do so. However, please note by entering the contest you give me permission to post it later, because the winning poems will be made public when I announce the winners.

6. Since I just came up with this idea less than an hour ago, I haven't sorted out the prizes yet, but there were be at least two winners. Since this is a poetry contest and I have several friends with poetry books, I am thinking of providing the winners with a list of books available as prizes (or perhaps non-poetry books as well).For instance, I might send them a list of six books and they each get to pick one. And if all else fails, there is always German chocolate. Of course, if anyone has further ideas for prizes, I am open to suggestions.

7. You don't need to be a follower of my blog to enter, but it sure would make me happy.  :-)

I think that's about it. If I've forgotten any details, feel free to ask.

Now go embrace your inner Seuss and start writing. You can write your poem in your car. You can write your poem at the bar. You can write your poem with a magical gnome or write your poem with your dog at home. You can write with pen and ink. You can type your poem by the sink. You can write your poem here or there. You can write it anywhere. Just write it.

And have fun.


Marie Elena said...


Ella said...

How fun..I wrote a Dr. Seuss poem and did a poetry challenge in honor of him!
I love it..and belated Birthday wishes!!!
I'm thinking...oh, here is the link to my first poem ;D

And it rhymes! lol
YOU are fun~

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

Ah it is March of the one
and the day is done
Yet here as a shot from a gun
Come you with such fun

I often think in the good Doc's rhyme
Looking forward to returning in a soon-to-be time

Great fun :)

S.E.Ingraham said...

Oh my goodness humongous great joys
Arriving in a new contest girls and boys
Count me in from the land of moose-i-cals
I'll try to think up some rhyming Seuss-i-cals

Really Linda - this sounds like fun - will try to be a little more inventive than this but no promises!

MarianV said...
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Marie Elena said...

The Mouse and His Spouse

The mouse had a spouse with a very big brain,
And he a big ego, and so she would feign
Nonsensical humor, absurd and inane,
To make him feel good for each thought he’d retain.

‘Til one day he realized just what she had done.
He got on her case, and he ruined her fun.
“I figured it helped you feel shrewder, my Hon.
I know that you need to feel YOU’re the smart one.”

He squeezed her and told her, “No need to appease.
I know I’m the one with the great expertise
To outsmart the mousetrap with flair and with ease,
And keep us in plenty of mouse-lovin’ cheese!”

The spouse of the mouse said, “You’re one sharp chap,
And the brain in my head likes your fine thinking cap.”
Then the mouse and his spouse took a nice little nap
(‘til she sneaked out to disarm their daily mousetrap).

MarianV said...

The Mouse and his Spouse

One Monday morning, Walter J. Mouse
Turned and said to his beautiful spouse
“Elaine, I’m getting tired of living here
this place is too quiet, there is no cheer.
Nothing is perfect, but when things goes wrong’
.Everyone’s too busy working, all the day long.”
I miss the children, playing their games
And the sound of the parents, calling their names.
Not a beautiful day in our neighborhood,”
Growled Walter; ”Everyone I see is up to no good!”

Elaine Mouse went to the window and opened it wide
She and Walter took a long look outside.
Most of the People had gone away.
It was a Monday, another working day.
A few cars were parked along their street
Each had a ticket, placed nice and neat.
“At least the cops are still around”
Walter Mouse mumbled. “Hey, Hear that sound?”
A siren had begun its threatening wail.
“Maybe one of these crooks will go to jail!”

“That’s not a siren, “ Elaine Mouse said “Wait!
“Someone is crying, just outside of our gate!”
She grabbed her shawl and stepped outside
Where two strange baby mice were trying to hide.
“Don’t be afraid, are you sick or been hurt?
Oh dear, you’re covered all over with dirt~:”
She picked up the tinyest mouse, wrapped in her shawl
“Oh dear, you’re so tiny, you’re nothing at all~”
“What’s going on” Walter Mouse asked
“These babies are starving --we now have a task!”

“First we will feed them, than put them to bed.
No small mouse shall go hungry,: Elaine Mouse said.
Walter Mouse agreed and he stirred up the fire
Being a Papa mouse had not been his desire
But holding a baby mouse safe in his arms
He vowed to make sure it would come to no harm.
So Walter J. Mouse and the lovely Elaine
Raised many baby mice in sunshine and rain
They were a big and a happy family
Of mice as anyone ever could see!


Marie Elena said...

Cute one, Marian!

MarianV said...


RJ Clarken said...

Sounds like fun! Okay...I'm in! ♥

Michelle said...

The Pig in the Wig

There was a silly pig
who liked wearing a wig
as blue as the deep blue sea.

Once the wig was on, he’d dance a little jig
dancing till dawn, never missing a zig
then snoozing ‘til time for tea.

The farmer thought he was a lazy pig,
had no clue about his nightly gig,
thought he might have a weak knee.

Well that pig in the wig
stayed as skinny as a twig
with all that dancing he was free.

Till one night the farmer heard a noise
thought be better check on his boys
and that’s when he saw his skinny pig,

There in the middle of the barn floor
surrounded by animals three deep to the door
was the pig, dancing a jig,
in a deep blue wig.

The farmer stood there, still as a tree
and then he started slapping his knee,
the animals froze, prepared to flee…

but that pig he just smiled
then the crowd went wild
and the pig continued dancing with glee.

There once was a pig
who liked wearing a wig
as blue as the deep blue sea.

Michelle said...

The Cow in the Towel

Down in the meadow
where the farmer doesn’t plow,
there is cow
wearing a towel.

The other cows all spotted black and white
see the cow in the towel as a blight,
wrinkling their brows into a scowl
whenever he is near.

For with the towel he is all black
missing his spots a very sad lack,
they are sure this makes him foul
“we agree” cackled the fowl.

But when the coyote is on the prowl
his throat rumbles a soft growl,
he won’t go near the cow wearing a towel
for it flutters and causes him fear.

Then one night while all were sleeping
the soft calls of the owl
alerted the cow in the towel
that something was creeping.

He gave the alarm
and circled the farm
his great towel was flapping
like the jowls of a giant beast snapping.

With a mighty yip
that coyote was running!
As if he’d been hit by a whip,
boy that cow in the towel was stunning.

The barnyard animals were amazed,
full of guilt they overly praised
the cow in the towel
wanted to howl.

Finally they see
through my difference to me!
The cow in the towel
is now on the prowl.

Linda H. said...

The entries are rolling in. I've received quite a few by email. Reading them makes me smile.

Linda H. said...

I received another batch by email today. Keep 'em comin', folks. I am working on finalizing the prizes the winners can pick from. I am trying to make them diverse enough that each winner will find something to their liking.

Michelle said...

Goats in Petticoats

Down at the local dance hall
was a line of goats
high kicking in petticoats…

the men made a raucous
and threw their groats
at the dancing goats,
while the women, they made notes.

Those goats kicked high
(I thought they might fly)
and they kicked low
but never slow.

Those goats danced to the left
and they danced to the right
they were guilty of theft,
of stealing the night.

Those petticoats were blue
and others pink
around those legs they flew
all in snyc.

And finally with the Rooster call
those tired goats left the hall,
wrinkled petticoats and all.

De Jackson said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Linda. :)

Goats in Petticoats

Three glorious goats in petticoats
were on their way to tea.
Girdled and coiffed, their hearts aloft,
they giggled “Goodness me!”

On the way to the meal, they each did squeal:
“Jaaaaasmine would make my day.”
“I have a feel for chaaaaamomile.”
“Proper goats prefer Earl Graaaaay.”

Gently they goaded
and grinned with glee,
gandering at the scrumptious spread.

purposefully, they spilled their tea
and ate the cups instead.

De Jackson said...

Marie, I knew this contest would be right up your alley. :) LOVE it.

De Jackson said...

What a sweet, uplifting story. :)

De Jackson said...

:) Love this dancing pig.

Marie Elena said...

Thanks so much, De!

Marie Elena said...

Oh, this is just waaaaay cute!!! :D

MarianV said...

That's funny!

MarianV said...


S.E.Ingraham said...


You may start every single day chomping on a fig
A dainty sticky piece of fruit that's really not too big
I have a cute little pig who loves to eat fruit like a fig
But never, no not ever, unless my pig first dons her wig

It is perhaps the strangest thing about my pig and her wig
But right from the very start she said she felt bald,
my pig
And insisted I take her right out and buy her a pig-wig
Even though I took her to see some other wig-less pigs

She maintained some pigs are fine just like that, bald pigs
And it doesn't bother her in the least, they don't
wear wigs
But as for her, she's not like that see -and she plops
on her wig
As she finishes getting ready to go out, pops in her
mouth a fig

And going down her walk, so happily, my pig in a wig
does a jig
For she is always a delighted, happy, porcine type, my pig in a wig
And I love her either way - bald or in a wig, I really don't give a fig
She will always be my favourite by far - my sweet pig
in a wig.

De Jackson said...

This one finally came together. Sort of. ;)

The Pig in the Wig

The Pig in the Wig was so perfectly coiffed
that her chinny-chin-chin was a grin
and her snout was aloft.
As she strolled down the lane,
the other sows scoffed,
“What a boar! Has our friend Penny really gone soft?”

But she’s all tressed up with somewhere to go,
with her head in the clouds
and her skin all aglow
Her blond ringlets flow, as the chilly wind blows.
And they wonder, are these new locks
friend, or faux?

(But that’s something that only her hairdresser knows!)


MarianV said...


Linda H. said...

Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck! The judges will start reading and winners will be announced as soon as the choices are made.