Friday, February 22, 2013


Yesterday was a day of mishaps. On days when I go to Welzheim (like yesterday) I take the train to Rudersberg and take the bus from there to Welzheim. Instead of getting off at the central station, I went one station further because the bus driver told me last week that for the next 6 weeks the bus will not be stopping at the central train station but in Rudersberg Nord instead. So that's what I did.

I got off the train and walked to the bus stop. Then I noticed a paper hanging there. Not only had they changed the route but the schedule had changed as well. I had to wait 45 minutes in the cold for the next bus to come. It was not fun. I tried to call my friend to let her know I would be late but a message on my cell phone told me my card needed to be loaded (no money left). Wonderful. Then the bus driver forgot to stop at my stop, so I rang the bell again and she stopped right in the middle of the road.

My friends and I were meeting at a different place than usual, at one of the women's houses. I had been there once before but it is sort of hidden. I walked around aimlessly until I found a street corner that looked familiar. I turned right at the corner and followed the hidden drive to the house. I had found it but was 10 minutes late. We had a nice time together and then I headed home.

That evening we made homemade beef vegetable soup. We always make it in our pressure cooker. It's very old (from my husband's grandmother) but still works well. Except something went wrong and for the first time since having it (over 10 years) it had a mini explosion. Not huge, but some of the carrots and celery and leeks and beef  flew up about 6 inches and landed on the counter.

Yep, it was just "one of those days" and I was feeling a little ragged. So I decided to do some online reading before bed and came across a blog post by Sheryl Oder. I know her from participating in the April PAD challenge (write a poem each day from the prompt given by Robert at Poetic Asides). I don't know Sheryl well and have never visited her blog before (I believe she just started blogging not too long ago). Anyway, it must have been poetic fate, because this was exactly what I needed to read. The post with her poem "This April is a Ragged Poem" had me smiling in no time.Maybe you will enjoy it as well.

To go to her blog (Sheryl's Sporadic Word Tag) and read it, CLICK HERE.


If you liked Sheryl's poem, I hope you left a comment telling her so. And in my comments section? Well, what I'd like to know is...

what is the last bad thing that happened to you? 


Does it still bother you or can you laugh about it now? 

As always, thanks for stopping by Lind-guistics.


Laurie Kolp said...

Hmm... well, I ate a veggie subway and then had to go and sit at a National Honor Society induction ceremony for Katie... you can guess the rest. Yes, I can laugh about it (thank goodness).

skoder1 said...

Oh, wow, Linda! When you said you would share my poem, I had no idea it would be in connection with your own blog. Thanks for the shout out. My, your day was ragged indeed! It is hard to wait for the bus when it is cold.

S.E.Ingraham said...

The last bad thing? Still has to be my infamous poetry contest win back in December I think, when I was so over the moon about it, I boasted about it on two of the sites I write about poetry on, late at night just after I found out about it.

Then, the next day, fortunately before I had bragged any further, but still horrifyingly enough, I learned I'd made a major factual error in the poem (several places) and needed to withdraw it from the contest and turn down the prize.

It was a very humbling and somewhat enlightening experience.

At first it felt like it might lay me low but in the end I felt stronger for having done what felt like the right thing and while I don't look back at the situation fondly by any means, I'm glad that I know I can do what needs to be done when push comes to shove and that in itself was a valuable thing for me to learn.

It was also extremely gratifying to receive the amount of support I did from the poets I write with on a regular basis and others I barely know.

And yes, now when I talk about it to someone who hasn't heard the story, I can laugh about it...

JRWoodward said...

The dogs ran off. My step-daughter's Chihuahua, Odin, squeeked past me when the Terminex man came to the door to tell me he couldn't do his full treatment today because it was raining. (It wasn't my idea to name the Chihuahua after the Norse king of the gods, and I feel sure we will face some sort of divine retribution for this.) He can't be outside on rainy and cold days without his little jacket, which he was not wearing. So I put my middle-aged border collie / Irish setter on her lease and went to find him. (She can usually track him.) We had been outside five minutes -- no sign of the little rodent -- and Maggie suddenly lunged for an invisible squirrel, or something. I lost her. She got the leash right out of my hand. (I still haven't got all my strength back after that annoying stroke last year, and then there's the carpal tunnel syndrome, still going as strong as ever.)
I spend twenty minutes wandering around the cup-de-sac, calling them in the chilly rain. Then I heard a noise behind me, and there she was, happy and wagging her tail and dragging her leash through the wet grass.She was not aware of anything have gone wrong, and was most puzzled when I said "Bad dog!" in my Meanie Voice.
Meanwhile, the little rodent/Norse god had taken shelter from the rain on the doorstep of my least favorite neighbor, who I call "The German Spy," for a very good reason. The story behind THAT must wait for another day. I had to cuddle him because he was shivering from the cold. He hates it when I hold him.
I think I'm catching something from that outing in the cold and wet.
And furthermore, it's Pledge Week on NPR, or, as I like to call it, "The Age of Gloom and Futility."

Ella said...

Ragged is catching! I had it today, knocked things over, tripped and twisted my ankle, broke my heater-so I thought.
It was one of those odd days! I am happy you are okay and no one was hurt! It seems to gang up on us, doesn't it!

I am off to check the poem-I do love when things like this align and know you aren't the only one! (((hugs)))

Ella said...

Yes, I liked her poem :D

Belle said...

Her poem made me laugh. I hate it when things go wrong on bus trips. When I moved to a large city, I wanted to go to a mall across the bay. But while I was on the bus I was daydreaming and didn't notice I missed the stop for a long time. I stayed on till the end of the line and thought I could just take it back to the mall, but no. Had to get off in the pouring rain and wait for a different bus etc. I had a lot of messed-up bus rides in that city.