Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Kiss for Valentine's Day

In my last post I shared the tearsheet that featured my short story and a photo of a beautiful lady. If you missed that post, you can read it now by CLICKING HERE. Except there was one thing that I didn't tell you then. Not only do I have that story in the February issue of The Poetic Pinup Revue, but I also have a poem featured as well.

Here it is:

In case the print is too small to read, here is the poem.

I've known you for what seems an eternity.
I know all your little secrets, mister,
know the man inside others never get to see,
so don't expect me to write you a love letter
telling you how the world would stop spinning
if you were no longer here and how the big bang theory
would sum up the breaking of my fragile heart.

Don't think for one second that I will profess
with written word my eternal love for you,
because after all this time how could you even
have the audacity to think that a mushy love poem
could express the way that I feel about you when
words could only graze the surface of its depths.

TPPR doesn't list titles on the page with the material, just in the table of contents/credits, but the title is To My Husband, Stefan. So today, on Valentine's Day, this poem is for my husband, who I would be totally lost without.

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day in some way? Did you give gifts? Tell me about.


Belle said...

Your poem is wonderful. It is true that it is hard to find words to express love. My husband and I were so poor when we were first married we never got into the habit of celebrating Valentine's Day. But we do love each other every day!

Mary Bauer said...

Oh I love that! Congratulations on having it published.