Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i'm gonna' freak ya'll out with wizards, wacky weed, and jellybeans

Today is not my day. i barely had any sleep last night, because my daughter was sick again. i was on bucket duty. Not my idea of fun. After finally getting a few hours of shut-eye, i wake to find our beautiful weather has been chased away but a downpour of rain. To make matters worse, yesterday i forgot to bring the wash in. It's still hanging out there on the line, all damp now. I am almost afraid to open the mailbox for fear of receiving a pile of rejections letters.

That's how i started my J post yesterday. You might be wondering where the J part is. Well, i had planned to go on to say that all writer's receive those letters at one time or another. Even well-known writers have experienced this and survived. To read about some famous authors' struggles to be published, clink on this link. If you do, you will notice that J.K. Rowling is one of them. Aaaah...there is the J. Yes, Joanne Rowling's wonderful tales of Harry Potter were initially rejected. And not just once.

So, i had planned to write about rejection and JKR, but other matters came up. When i finally had time to get back to writing the post, i pushed it off and read other people's blog posts instead. That was not a good idea. Not only did i not finish my post, i noticed that other A to Z Blogging Challenge bloggers had not only written about J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter but some had also written about rejection. So i went up to say good night to my daughter and figured i'd just blow this one off until tomorrow. i needed something original.

As i tucked my girl in, we talked and i told her what had happened. We started thinking of new J words. Finally we stumbled upon jelly beans and i made up a silly jelly bean poem. Katarina said, “That's it! That's it! You've got your post.” But considering that poem was on a kindergarten level (and i no longer remember it) i am forced to do this. i am going to use joint as my J word. Yep, I said joint. And to make it even more interesting, i will tie it in with J.K. Rowling, rejection, AND jellybeans.

Initially i refused to read the Harry Potter books. Basically, i felt it wasn't my genre. Who wants to read about some little twerp who goes to wizard school. Whoop-de-doo, i thought. i didn't get it. Why were these books so popular?

Eventually, i broke down and borrowed Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone from our local library. They even had it in English. Well, after i finished it i realized that J.K. Rowling is not just a fantasy writer but a freakin' genius!!! It was as if she'd given me a literary joint to smoke. What is a literary joint? Firstly, it is something i made up. The thought just popped into my head. Right now. Yet, it makes perfect sense. Here is why:

    Reading a good book makes you feel high. You are so intrigued by it that you are in an altered state, a totally different world. Connection number one. Also, things aren't as they seem. i once watched a person pet a dog and insist that it was some sort of big, mutant cat. No matter how much we'd explain that it was a dog, this person (who we could all tell from sight and smell was completely high) insisted it couldn't be. A great book will do that as well. Circumstances and characters are never really who they seem. Guess what? This person that you thought was a person is really a wizard. And that person you thought was perhaps a wizard is actually a werewolf. And the other person, well, we don't know what the hell he is!! Lastly, a literary joint (or wonderful book) will leave you hungry for more. i got addicted to the Harry Potter books. After i read the first one, i went to the library the next day and signed out book two, then three, and so on. i simply could not stop until i had read them all. And lucky me—since they had all been written already, i didn't have to wait for the next book to be released like my friends did. (Nah-nah, nah-nah-nah.) So, if you haven't read the Harry Potter series yet, i urge you to do so. Even if you never read fantasy books or you are not into series or you only read magazines, you'll probably like it. And if you want, you can even eat a few jelly beans while you're reading. After all, i've heard that literary joints give people the munchies. Honestly. Happens every time.

Oh, and before i forget...have you noticed that i am only using the lower case i today. There is a reason for that. Those of you who read yesterday's post know the reason but if you happened to miss it, you can read about it by clicking here.

That's all for now. I hope no one found this offensive.While the smoke clears, I'll be off writing my K post. Till then...


Halli Gomez said...

Hi! Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge.
I love your post - and not just because I'm a Harry Potter fan.
You are very funny and I can't wait to read more!

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Literary joint... that's brilliant, Linda!


Linda H. said...

Thank you so much, Halli. Glad I could make you laugh.

Awwww, shucks, Laurie. You are pretty brilliant yourself.