Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend Window #3 - The Valentine's Wreath and A Shi!ty Valentine's Day

Since yesterday was Valentine's Day I thought for this week's Weekend Window I would link to a Valentine's Day poem. In searching for one I came across many that started with "roses are red...". I certainly didn't want to use any of those. But where was I to look? Finding love poems posted at literary journals isn't as easy as one thinks and though Neruda and other famous poets immediately come to mind, I wanted to find one you might not already be familiar with. So I turned to Poem Hunter. There you can search for poems on any subject. There are hundreds (or rather thousands or more) to search from. If you haven't visited Poem Hunter before and want to check it out, you can GO THERE NOW.

One of the poems I discovered there stood out among the rest. This is The Valentine's Wreath. It is written by James Montgomery. According to his biography, he lived from November 4, 1771 to April 30, 1854, and was a British editor, hymn writer, and poet. To read The Valentine's Wreath,  CLICK HERE.

And if you are a Scrooge this time of year and say bah-humbug to all this Valentine's stuff, then perhaps you'd rather skip right to A Shitty Valentine's Day by Michael Philips. As you'll notice, this one has a very different style and tone.  READ IT HERE.

Do you have a favorite love poem? A favorite Valentine's Day poem? Or even a favorite anti-Valentine's Day poem. If so, tell me about it in the comments section. I'd love to know.

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