Saturday, February 21, 2015

PB14:14 - Day 8: Bear's Loose Tooth

Today starts the second week of the Picture Book 14:14 where participants blog about a picture book each day. I had the pleasure of visiting the library in Stuttgart this morning and discovered that they have very many picture books in English. What a treat it was to find the following book (because I admire the many works by both the author and illustrator).

Title: Bear's Loose Tooth
Author: Karma Wilson
Illustrator:  Jane Chapman
Publisher:  Margaret K. McElderry Books
Year: 2011
Top 10 Element(s): theme

It is obvious from the title what theme this picture book revolves around--losing teeth.  While bear is eating his lunch, something feels funny. Bear has his first loose tooth. He frowns and frets because what is he to do without his tooth? How will he eat?

Bears friends reassure him that all wtih be okay, that a new tooth will grow in with time and take its place.Then mouse tries to help Bear's tooth come out, but he can't get it to budge. Next wren gives it a try, followed by owl and badger. No such luck. Then bear moves it around with his tongue and voilĂ ! Out comes bears tooth. As he is sleeping that night, the tooth fairy takes his tooth and leaves a piles of berries (which Bear later shares with all his friends.) At the end bear discovers he has another loose tooth.

This is yet another the series of Bear books by Karma Wilson (the first one I remember is Bear Snores On), all of which are written in perfectly flowing rhyme. If you are a Bear fan, you'll need to add this one to your collection.

And if you'd like to hear the book, I found a YouTube video.

You can find more of Karma's books at her website HERE.

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Christie Wright Wild said...

I love that you shared the link to the YouTube video. I also love the ending of this book. What a nice thing for Bear to do to share all his berries with his friends.

janet smart said...

Sounds like a cute one. It book reminds me of Moose's Loose Tooth published in 2003 by Jackqueline Clark.

Katie Logonauts said...

This sounds like a perfect book to share with kids reach that 'first loose tooth' phase - especially the lesson that you have to be patient and do it yourself!

Catherine @ Story Snug said...

We love Bear Snores on. Jane Chapman's illustrations are absolutely adorable in all the bear books :)

Manju Howard said...

Linda, I really enjoyed the video - father and son reading Bear's Loose Tooth. Thanks!

Juliana Lee said...

Love her 'bear' books! So sweet and funny at the same time!

Damon Dean said...

This one sounds fun! Universal theme, one my 6yr old granddaughter would love, as loose teeth is her season! Thanks for the heads up on this Linda.

Vivian Kirkfield said...

I can't remember if I have ever read this sounds familiar...but I'll try to get it out because my grandson has lost two teeth in the last couple of months...and for the first one he was kind of anxious as it got wiggly. ;) I think he would enjoy hearing this!
And thanks for the heads up about the other bear books, Linda! Glad you discovered a bunch of good ones at the library.