Sunday, February 15, 2015

PB 14:14 Day 1: Snowy Valentine

I am taking part in a picture book challenge. It's called the Picture Book 14:14. As it states on the host site, Write Wild, "PB 14:14 is a blogging challenge. A blog hop. A learning adventure about books and craft ...with PRIZES!" It takes place for two weeks and it's not too late to sign up (if not for this week, then the second week.) So if you are interested in joining it, go to THIS POST to get all the information.

What do I need to do? For at least 5 of the next 7 days I need to post about a picture book that has been published within the last 5 years. The post is not necessarily a review of the book (though that sort of info will be provided) but will focus more of an aspect of the writing--character development, conflict, rhyme scheme, pacing, dialogue, etc. 

As beginning or unpublished writers (or even someone who has published but still learning more of the craft) we are told to study books on the market. The point of this project is to read a picture book and think, "what will a writer learn from this book?" Is it an example of flowing pitch perfect rhyme? Does it demonstrate how you can master character development in only 200 words? Does it show how pacing can make a picture book a quick favorite of kids? Perhaps the book presents us with an usual use of dialogue that makes it stand out from other books on the same topic.

This will be my chance to not just read and enjoy but to dig a little deeper into what makes a book work or not work. (My challenge will be finding enough picture books. Most of mine are older and our German library only has a few in English. I may need to resort to YouTube if I can't find 14.)

Since today is Valentine's Day I will start with Snowy Valentine.

Title: Snowy Valentine
Author: David Peterson
Illustrator: David Petersen
Publisher: Harper Collins
Year: 2011
Word Count: approx. 200
Top 10 Element: Conflict

 Snowy Valentine is a book about Jasper the Bunny. Jasper longs to find the perfect Valentine for his wife, Lily. He sets off in the snow, through the town, in search of it. He asks all the other animals in town what they are giving their wives. One animal is knitting a scarf but poor Jasper, though he tries, can't knit. Another is giving chocolate cover flies. Chocolate covered flies for a bunny is definitely not the right gift for his precious Lily. No matter what the others are giving, it just isn't the perfect gift for his wife. Plus, he almost gets made into rabbit stew by Mr. Fox! Just when he thinks he will never find the perfect gift, he discovers something by accident.

The conflict starts on page one and continues throughout the book until almost the very last page.

Here is a YouTube video I found of Snowy Valentine.

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Christie Wright Wild said...

Thanks for the sharing the video. That was a cute story.

Damon Dean said...

Linda, this was a book I'm not at all familiar with, but looks so good. I'll be looking for it! Thanks for the element review.

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Don't know this book, Linda, so I'm glad you shared it. and I love that in many of your posts, you include a YouTube video...lots of fun. ;)