Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PB 14:14 - Day 5: Some Dogs Do

I am taking part in the Picture Book 14:14. This involves posting 14 picture book reviews in 14 days. Today is Day 5. Here's my next book. The first time I read it, I loved it.

Title:  Some Dogs Do
Author:  Jez Alborough
Illustrator:  Jez Alborough
Publisher:  Walker Books Ltd.
Year: 2004
Word count: approx. 275
Top 10 Element(s): Rhyme/Dialogue

One day, when Sid is walking to school, he suddenly gets a happy feeling. In fact, it is such a happy feeling that "without a how, without a why, Sid fell UP toward the sky." That's right! His paws lift up off the ground and he is flying. Of course, Sid can't wait to tell his friends at school about this amazing feat. But...

no one believes him. Not his friends. No even his teacher. They all say "dogs don't fly!". So he tries to show them that, yes indeed, he can fly. However, he can't fly again. This makes him very sad. When he gets home he tells his dad what happened and repeats the saying "dogs don't fly" but then something incredible happens. Sid's dad begins to fly. Upon seeing this, Sid becomes happy again and, once again, lifts off of the ground. This is an uplifting tale (pun intended) that shows that the impossible is sometimes possible. Never give up on your hopes and dreams.

The book is written in simple rhyme. No difficult words, no complicated rhyme scheme (aabb...). Example:

Miss Mare the teacher shook her head.
"Now, Sid, you shouldn't lie," she said.

     "But I did," said Sid. (this line is repeated each time someone doesn't believe him)

The book is full of dialogue between the characters.

Gus said, "Right! If you can fly, come outside...let's see you try!"

I think even younger children will be able to memorize this book easily, and they'll most likely want to do so. This story is so much fun and the colorful illustrations make it even more fun. See for yourself.

Here is a YouTube video I found of the book. Enjoy!

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Damon Dean said...

Linda, this looks like a hilarious book. I used to dream I was flying, as a child...just a 'willful' thought and I was sailing above treetops. Jealous of Sid! Love the sounds of rhyme and rhythm in this tale, good choice for a review.

Manju Howard said...

Thanks for sharing Some Dogs Do. I used to fly in my dreams.

Sydney O'Neill said...

This is an adorable story! I love the simple rhyme and surprize ending. Great choice.

Lindsay Bonilla said...

This looks so cute! I definitely have to check this out. I love the repetition of "But I did," said Sid. :)

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Now here's a book I need to use as a mentor text for rhyme...I'm always trying to do the complicated stuff...but most of the successful rhyming books I see out there are pretty simple...except for Corey Rosen Schwartz' Ninja books...she can write complicated rhyme and make it look easy. :)
Thanks for suggesting this one, Linda!