Monday, October 3, 2011

How quickly can you write 60 words?

Remember last week when I "pulled a Cinderella" by attending the "Bloggers Ball" within the last hours? Well, guess what? I am once again slipping in right before another deadline, and I want to give everyone who reads this a chance to do the same. If you want to play along in The Worst Storyline Ever Contest, you have until the end of today (11:59 p.m., PST, Tues, Oct. 3, 2011) to enter. As you probably know, a storyline is a short write-up you might find in the tv guide for a show, on the back of dvd, or a blurb for a book. The point of this contest is to write a really ridiculously stupid storyline.

Need an example? Click here to see my winning entry (and others) from 2010.

For complete rules, CLICK HERE.

You are allowed to enter two storylines. I just posted one and will try to think of another before the day ends. Afterwards (and only after I have submitted two) will I go and read the other entries. There are always quite a few that make me laugh and/or question "Why didn't I think of that?"

Come play along! Even if you don't enter, why not visit the site to read the entries and end your Sunday with a bit of humor. After all, laughter is good medicine.


Arlee Bird said...

Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and entered two. It was an interesting creative exercise.

Tossing It Out

Linda H. said...

Good luck, Arlee.

Ella said...

I will have to wait till next year! Good Luck to you both~ :D

Linda H. said...

Thanks, Ella.