Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 I have two announcements to make. First, one of my Lind-guistic blog posts is featured in the current edition of Language/Place hosted by
Sheree Mack. This edition draws a colored map of The Heart and Soul of the Cultural Landscape in 14 entries from around the world. What's really neat is that a few of my friends are also featured this month. If you'd like to read this edition, click here.

And now for my second announcement (drum roll, please...)  In November, I will be hosting edition 12. The theme is "food". Perhaps you are like me and the first words you learn in a new language are those needed for ordering food. Once, while in a country where I knew not one word of the language, I just pointed to items on the menu and waited for the waiter to bring my surprise. Have you ever had an unusual food experience abroad? Does your town have any local food specialties? Food traditions? Do you have a story that touches on a food phrase/idiom? The possibilities are endless. Be creative.

I will be accepting submission from the 1st until the 20th of November 2011. Information on how/where to submit will be posted here by October 31 and will be available on the Language/Place blog.

In the meantime, feel free to submit to edition 11. 

Edition #11 marks the 1-year anniversary of the language/place blog carnival! The edition will be hosted by Dorothee Lang, who started the carnival in October 2010 and blogs at life as a journey. The feature theme for edition #11 is “Streets, Signs, Directions” - but as always, a wide range of contributions is welcome. The edition is planned for late October 2011, deadline: 20.10. Invitation + Guidelines.  

To read more about Language>Place blog carnival, go here. You can join its Facebook page. For instructions on how to submit, browse this site.


Laurie Kolp said...

Linda- Sounds like a smorgasbord of activities!

Linda H. said...

Laurie, I am hoping it will be.

Deidre said...

Wow! Won't a good idea! I currently am an American living in Australia so while technically I speak the language there are tons of things that I've never heard of or haven't eaten here.

Shelley Workinger said...

Funny Timing - I just ran this post on my blog:
Very similar thinking :)

Linda H. said...

Deidre, I understand. I took part in a student exchange many many moons ago and was in Great Britain. Pretty much the same language but so many difference in the food and culture. I am sure you have some great stories to tell. Please consider sending something when the submission period begins. If you hurry you could also submit to the current call (see link in text).

Shelley, that IS ironic. I love the concept of your blog. Maybe that is partly due to the fact that I love food so much :-)

Marcus Speh said...

you're in germany too! thanks for your comment on "The Serious Writer And His Hamster — perhaps i'll go for the carnival again. like your blog! added it to my blogroll.

Linda H. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marcus, and for adding me to your blogroll.

As soon as I saw the title "The Serious Writer and his Hamster" I just had to read it. I don't consider myself a "serious" writer but I do have a seriously cute dwarf hamster :-)

jkdavies said...

mmm food ;)