Sunday, October 30, 2011

Food for Thought

Food. It is something everyone is familiar with. We all need to eat, right?

One of my favorite foods in Germany is Zwiebelkuchen. Zwiebel means onion and Kuchen means cake, but I think it would translate better as onion tart or onion pie. It is a tasty treat when eaten warm with a glass of good wine.

Not only is food a part of our every day lives but it also plays a big role in travel. Each country has its own specialities or customs revolving around food. Not only do countries have different culinary delights, but even individual towns have their own specialties--a special mustard, a secret recipes for ribs, a type of pickle, apple butter, scrapple, taco, soup. Well, you get the idea. And food can speak to us in various ways. Some people believe that the way to a man's heart in through his stomach.

Food is also the theme of the next Language/Place blog carnival. Why not submit? You could send a story about exotic food you tried in a foreign country or street food or your town's speciality or a flash fiction piece where food places a part. Perhaps you might mention a food idiom such as "to have your cake and eat it too", "nutty as a fruitcake" or "to eat crow" and share a moment where the saying was true. You might send a poem about how the smell of apple pie always reminds you of your Aunt Betty and how she always wore her hair in that beehive form. OK...maybe not, but you could send a different poem. Just think food and be creative.

If you are interested in joining the carnival, CLICK HERE for my earlier post which has information,other ideas, and a link to the Language/Place website. The submission period begins on November 1.
If you'd like to read the current edition (which is also the one-year anniversary edition of Language/Place) with the theme "Streets, Signs, Directions" then CLICK RIGHT HERE to start reading.

Go ahead. What are you waiting for?


Laurie Kolp said...

Aunt Betty... you're so funny, Linda. Great post!

Linda H. said...

Well, you know me, Laurie. Always funny thoughts floating round me wee widdle head :-) I thought of Betty, like Betty Crocker, and then the crocker part made me thing of crockpots and then for some strange reason I thought of some crazy aunt putting a crockpot on her head and then I thought of the hair. Oh, what a strange web my mind weaves.

With that said, you should check your files and submit something. You are a good writer.

And tell your friends about it, too.

Terri L. French said...

This is so cool Linda. I will have to get to work on something!

Laurie Kolp said...

I will!

lionmother said...

Linda, I'd love to participate! I have so many stories I will have to settle on one.:) Great idea!

ttmillers said...

Hmmmm... you got me thinking!!

Linda H. said...

Received submissions from two of the above people. Waiting on the other know who you are!

Send your work, everyone.

Rose Hunter said...

Zwiebelkuchen! My Mum (who is German) loves these. :)

Nine said...

Oh, how I love Zwiebelkuchen! I'm not sure whether I have any suitable entries, but I'm going to have a look now.