Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pulling a Cinderella

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't got around to doing my vacation posts yet. I have been busy the past week and the coming week is even worse. So I am going to put that planned post aside for now and "pull a Cinderella". No, I am not going to clean the cinders from the chimney. With the unseasonably warm weather today, who needs a fire? No. What I mean is I am going to show up late. To the ball. Yep, it is Sunday evening here in Germany and I am going to the ball--the Blogger Ball #7 to be exact. I doubt I will get the attention Cinderalla did when she arrived well after the event began, but at least I will dance with a few before it ends.  Here's how it works.

SheWrites Blogger Ball #7

Welcome to the SheWrites Blogger Ball!
Welcome to the Blogger Ball #7. To participate:
1. Add a link to your blog through the linky below, listing the name of your blog in the “name” blank (with parenthetical two-word or less description).
2. Do a welcome post of any sort you’d like on your own blog. Highlight and copy the bookshelf icon to allow folks to get back to the blog list by clicking on it. (If you just “copy image” it won’t pick up the link; you have to highlight and copy/paste.)
3. Visit at least 3 other blogs on the list between now and next Sunday (a whole week and two weekends this time) – and leave comments! The more blogs you visit, the more visit-backs you’ll likely get.

For other blogger ball participants, my blog deals with just about anything that includes words--literature, poetry, puns, word games, quotes, song lyrics, and sometimes just my babbling.  I've been on hiatus for the summer but will be back in the swing of things soon. If you want an idea of what you'll find here, check out these former posts (and if you like what you see, feel free to follow me).

Wanna read a book review? Click here.

Interested in a language post? Read this.

Poetry anyone? How about this?

Not interested in me? You want to read about I? Then click here.

If you've always wanted to see a German Easter fountain, this is the place.

If you are a kid at heart, go back to your youth with this post.

And if you want something a bit whacky, smoke on this.

If you are more interested in life in Germany, you might want to visit my other blog, Linda's Life on the Other Side.

I am off to visit a few new blogs. Read. Comment. Go to bed. Maybe snore. :-)

(AND for my North America friends, this post might actually reach you in time to allow you to join in, but even if you don't, feel free to stop by some of the other participants' blogs. Who knows? You just might find a glass slipper---um, I mean, a blog you might like.)

Good night!


Annette said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my poetry. next! :)

Shelley Workinger said...

Hi Linda! I'm so glad you made it to the ball, no matter what time :) I loved all of your posts that I checked out; your blog voice and the way your mind works are very similar to mine! I so loved the term "literary joint" - going to go get my fix right now as a matter of fact :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. You go girl!


Liz said...

Oh dear! I didn't notice that you already have the Versatile Blogger award and I've given it to you again.