Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daisy and daisies and more

Thanks to all of you who commented on yesterdays post or sent me a personal message regarding the loss of our little Daisy. It means a lot.

Yesterday one of the poems I submitted to Jellyfish Whispers was published online. Even though this is more my "language blog" I didn't want to post it here yesterday after losing Daisy. Ironically, the title of the poem is Daisies after the Storm. But it is really about more than just daisies. If you want to read it, press the link below.

Here is the photo that was taken the day I wrote it. You can only see part of the damage from the hail storm.

Here is a picture of the hail that accumulated around the roots of one of our bushes.

And the lawn was littered with big balls of hail.

It was the second time. First in June shortly after the daisies were planted. Then when they'd finally become nice and full again, another unexpected hail storm came in July. I wasn't happy, but while looking at all the petals on the ground I knew they were just flowers and they'd grow back. There are much greater losses.

Those losses that I talk about in the last stanza, they're not mine. They are those of several dear friends of mine. These are the losses one never forgets.

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