Monday, January 2, 2012

How to Make Easily Obtainable New Year Resolutions


2011 has slipped into the past and 2012 has just begun. With the coming of a new year comes new hopes and dreams, moments yet unspent, time to learn and grow. And yes, new year resolutions. Does this list look familiar?

Things to do in the new year

Eat less. 
Exercise more.
Lose weight.
Spend more time with family and friends.

Most of us have chosen one or more (if not all) of these resolutions at some point in our lives. These are the things we say we WILL DO. The day changes from December 31 to January 1 and all of a sudden we are full of inspiration and good intentions, but often times we fail. Some people think this has nothing to do with a lack of will power but rather improper wording. They recommend being more specific. For instance:

I will not snack in between meals. (yeah right)
I will go jogging before breakfast three time a week. (Except that snooze button always interferes)
By the end of the year I will wear one clothing size less than now. (But the clothing manufacturers don't cooperate. They've seemed to resize the clothing again :-)

I once read an article about a man who only wrote what he WOULDN'T do in the new year (instead of the typical "I will..."). For example:
I will not drink more than one cup of coffee a day.
I will not go to bed later than 10 PM.
I guess he'll just sleep more often and snore longer. But seriously, can changing your "I will"s to "I will not"s make a difference? Personally, I wasn't buying it. 

Normally I don't make resolutions on New Year's Eve. I'd given that up years ago. Instead, I make life goals that I can work up to in little steps throughout the year. I'll be honest with you though. Sometimes that even fails. This year I wanted to go back to the tradition of making resolutions but wanted to make sure I could obtain them. The question is-- how can I do that? 

Well, I have given this much thought the last week and think I have finally found a sure-fire way to make sure I can easily obtain my New Year's resolutions. I have made a list of things I definitely will not do in 2012. I hope you enjoy them.

Things I will NOT do in 2012
1. I will not eat lima beans for breakfast.
2. I will not, at any time or for any reason, drive while blindfolded.
3. I will not get breast implants.
4. I will not recite Dr. Seuss books to strangers on the train
5. I will not dye my hair any shade of green.
6. I will not wear six inch stilettos, especially while riding my bicycle.
7. I will not snore while at the fitness center.
8. I will not attempt to grow a beard.
9. I will not wear super hero underwear.
10. I will not join the Paris Hilton fan club.

I think I can manage those. Also, I hope to be a better blogger next year, posting at least once a week on one of my blogs. (What do you mean "ONE of your blogs?" Didn't you know I have more than one? There is my highly neglected Linda's Life on the Other Side which I hope to get back to this week and The Gathering of Stones blog where I post my observations for the "River of Stones". The river is flowing again this January so I will be posting daily there.) I have other personal goals for 2012 but I'll just keep those to myself and let you know when I reach them. And if I don't reach them I won't feel the need to sneak off to a corner like a dog with his tail between his legs. 

Now in the spirit of new begins, I challenge you to list three "I will not..." resolutions in the comments section of this post. Go ahead. Make them as creative as you like. Tell me I will not stalk my boss, will not fill the bathtub with chocolate milk, and will not trim my toe nails with the garden clippers. Make me smile. Make me laugh. Make me say, "Yes. I believe he/she can meet that goal in 2012."

Best wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy, and successful year ahead. May it be full of wonderful surprises.


Tami said...

1. I will not take less baths just to conserve more water.
2. I will not claim my pets as tax deductions.
3. I will not do more laundry, but use more deodorant instead.

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

What a great take on the resolutions!
Best in 2012!

Inside Out said...

My resolution for about ten years has been, "I will not skydive." I've kept it every year!
If someone offered to pay for me to go though...I would go...I can always try again next year.
Thanks for coming over to my blog today.