Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

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 Today I am taking part in Wednesday Hodgepodge. Here are this week's questions and my answers.

1. Share something you loved about your Christmas Day.

Well, we open our presents on Christmas Eve so Christmas day it more of a relaxing day. We went to church, cooked a nice meal, and just did whatever we wanted. I enjoyed having time to spend with my husband and daughter.

2. You get to put five items in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years, what items would you choose and why?

Well, what is going to last after 100 years? Yeah, yeah...I know...don't put too much thought into it, just answer the dang question. OK. Let's say this is a time capsule that stays within the family. I would put in a copy of the family tree, newspaper clippings, photos, a journal, family recipes. Yeah, I know...not very creative but what do you want from me? It's almost midnight and I want to go to bed.

3. What do you like on a cracker?

Lots of things. Cheese. Hummus. Mushroom spread. Peanut butter. 

4. Do you make resolutions at the start of a new year? How'd that work out for you this past year?

Yes, I do but never expect them to work. This year was not a complete success in that respect but also not a complete failure. I made it part way to my goal.

5. What's a song or song lyric you'll associate with 2011? 
Hmmmm...I love music so not just one but many different songs come to mind. Picking just one is an impossible task. I'll give you two for starters:

English song: Christina Perri's "Jay of Hearts"
I love the line "you're gonna' catch a cold from the ice in your soul"

German song: Andreas Bourani's "Nur in Meinen Kopf"


6. How will you ring in the new year?

Each New Year's Eve we celebrate by making raclette, shooting off fireworks, and enjoying a bit of bubbly. 
7. What is something you look forward to in 2012?

Each new day :-)

8. Insert your own random thought here.

No wisdom here this evening. All I keep thinking is "what am I going to cook tomorrow?" Eggplant rollotini? Curried chicken and rice? Bouillabaisse? Help me out. You can leave your suggestions in the comments section.

That's all for now. Good night!


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Joyce said...

Oooh I wish we were coming to your house for New Year's Eve. I love raclette! Welcome to the Hodgepodge...once I dig out from my company/holiday laundry mountain I will come back and look around your blog. Are you an American living overseas...I saw something about Pennslyvania in your profile? We lived in England for 6 years and I still blabber on about it quite a lot. We've been back in the states for 2 years now. I'm almost re-acclimated : )

Happy 2012!

Laurie Kolp said...

Once again, you have me in stitches Linda. Get some sleep and order pizza tomorrow.

Suzanne McClendon said...

I vote for chicken and rice, though I'm not so sure about the curried bit. :)

I'm here from Wednesday Hodgepodge. I hope that you have a great night and a wonderful New Year!

Tami said...

Linda, I enjoy your way with words! As if you are speaking to me and I can picture us giggling together!

Sylvia Ney said...

Great answers! I hope you enjoy a wonderfully fun and safe New Year.

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Put on some soup, Linda! Now, on Thursday, I am cooking some homemade soup in the slow cooker, scent is wafting throughout the house! Hope you have a good dinner.
I enjoyed this Wednesday Hodgepodge even though I found it a day late!

Lolamouse said...

Your answers were great! Enjoyed learning more about you. Hope your 2012 is a happy one!