Saturday, May 17, 2014

Long time, no type

I've been having some problems commenting on other's blogs and just found out that a few people tried to comment on mine and couldn't. I never had any of these problems before Blogger made changes, and I find it frustrating. I have changed a few of my settings in the hopes that this will enable more of you to post comments on my posts. As for being unable to post on some of the other blogs...well, I guess they either need to change settings or if there is another issue then I need to figure it out.

I only posted once in April, because I was busy with writing challenges. I may post about them at a later date. For now I have two things to share. Firstly, I have a poem in this months issue of the Poetic Pinup Revue. Here is the tear sheet.

Doesn't that look beautiful? The editor at PPR always does a nice job of pairing the written work with visual work.

If you'd like to be able to read the poem, it is included at the end of this interview. Yes, can you believe Marie Elena at Creative Bloomings interviewed me? ME? I don't feel as if  I've come far enough with my writing to be interviewed and she made me feel very special. Thank you for that, Marie Elena.

Two things I'll need to clear up regarding the interview post. Firstly, the picture of the vineyards are not in Michelau but in a nearby town. There are so many vineyards in my area, and my husband and I often go strolling through them, especially on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The other thing I need to clear up is my faulty math skills. I said 40% acceptance rate but I've recalculated and it is only 31.7. Even so 31.7% is still very good. I have been very lucky to find a market that is a match and I had a piece in every issue last year (not just poetry but also flash fiction and/or photography). That really increased my success rate.But I don't think I am "all that" because I am really still learning the craft of writing and have a looooooong way to go.

I know many of you also participating in writing challenges in April. Polish that work and send it out!!! And if you are already ready to do so, you can take part in the Submit-o-Rama over at Our Lost Jungle. Khara gives several options for participating. Go check it out.

For those of you who aren't writers (and therefore wouldn't take part in Submit-o-Rama) may I suggest you read a book instead? If you need a book suggestion, you can hop over to Nancy Posey's blog, The Discrimating Reader. She writes book reviews on books she's read and I've found a few good books by following her recommendation.

That's all for now. I hope to be back here or at Linda's Life on the Other Side again soon. Thanks for visiting.


barbara_y said...

Really nice interview, Linda. I can't imagine myself picking up and off to another country--not even way back when.

Acceptance rate:
You count each poem. Separately. Unless it's a chapbook. One each accepted from two submissions of 4 each is 25%, not 100%. And (sigh) 25% is good.

Linda H. said...

Barbara, I realize we need to count each poem separately but wasn't expecting that question to come up in the interview. I did the math quickly, and missed that 4 of the submissions were more than one piece.

So it wasn't one each accepted from two submission of 4. I never send 4 out together, though I guess I really should, but I tend to submit to the themed issues and often don't have 4 things that will fit with the theme.

On the flip side, there were a few were I sent 2 out and both were accepted. I had to do my happy dance then. LOL.

And regarding your comment about moving to another country, I never expected to do such a thing. It wasn't always easy (I could tell some funny stories) but it has been worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and commentning.

Anonymous said...

Linda, it was fun to read your interview. If you wish you could correct the interview in the comments section. I will keep on trying to comment. My first attempt did not work, but I will try again.


Linda H. said...

Hey, Sheryl. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you were finally able to comment.

Even with the miscalculation, the percentage isn't that far off. With 3 submissions where I submitted two pieces and only one was accepted and one where I sent 3 and only one was accepted but also three submission were I submitted two and both were accepted, it sort of evens out. So perhaps 30% which is still good. Like I said, I just got lucky the the editor at PPR likes my work and uses it regularly.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I came across your blog through Laurie Kolp's page. :-) I'll be back here to read. :-)