Friday, November 2, 2012

Mindful Writing Day 2012

Today is the first Mindful Writing Day. To join in, simply slow down, pay attention to one thing, and write it down. To find out more about this event (including information on how to win a free book), please click here.

The day is almost over and I am thinking about all the things that happened today and which thing to highlight. The day started at the movie theater. Yep. That's right. When this day began I was sitting in the cinema with my husband and daughter watching the preview of the new James Bond movie. There were showings in several rooms beginning at 11 PM, 11:15, and 11:30. We booked the nice cushy seats in the lounge section. They were so comfortable and we could see everything perfectly. My daughter got sweet popcorn. I got the cinnamon popcorn, and my husband got some gummy treats.

It was the first time our daughter saw a James Bond films, and I honestly wasn't sure if she would like it. She did. When we walked out of the movie theater at 2 AM, we were surprised to find it raining. At sunset the sky was a rich pink color, which usually indicates good weather to come. But I guess Mother Nature had other ideas.

When we got home, we weren't tired at all. So we sat and talked about the film, checked email, watched a cooking show on television. Eventually, we all went to bed.

My husband was the first to wake up. He had planned to go bike riding, but it was raining again. He figured he'd let me sleep in a bit. I woke up (very late) to find him in the dining room, drinking coffee and working on his laptop. I woke our daughter and my awesome husband made cheese omelets, bacon, and toast. Then we showered and began our day (what was left of it. It was nearly noon).

In the afternoon the weather turned out to be wonderful. It was warm enough to wear a short-sleeved shirt. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. We went to a friend's house. His son has an important presentation to make in English (we live in Germany so it is not his native language), and we helped him correct sentence structure and grammar and made suggestions. We were rewarded with...(Fiona, if you are reading this, you will love this) CAKE. Specifically, a cheesecake with mandarin oranges and apple muffins. And coffee, of course.

Today is a holiday in Germany and we had asked our daughter yesterday what she'd like to eat today. She said coq au vin. So when we arrived home, we needed to start cooking. My husband chopped onions and garlic then started to skin and flour the chicken while I prepared the mushrooms and shallots. Cooking together certainly cuts the prep time, and it is fun. As the coq au vin cooked, the smell of onions and wine filled the air.

We enjoyed a nice meal together, talked, and had a few laughs as well.

The day wasn't very productive but then again, that is the whole point of a day off from work--to relax and enjoy it. And there is nothing better than spending time with people you care about, eating good food, drinking wine, and just having fun.

It is nearing midnight and looking out our back window I see little other than a distant street light, part of a house, and darkness. But if I listen I can hear rain coming down.


My observations:

Charcoal-like smudges are beneath her eyes and black streaks run down her cheeks. Hiding her face, she curses cheap mascara and movies with sad endings.

It's nearly midnight. I can see nothing but darkness outside, as if someone has pulled a giant black curtain across the sky, but I can hear it--the soft, steady beat of rain hitting the ground.


RoryBore said...

sounds like a perfect day. Love you closing stanzas. Tami from Pretty Purplexing recommended that I stop by your blog. I am doing a poetry writing challenge for November and she thought I might enjoy your blog.
This sounds like a great writing challenge too -- so many great writing prompts, so little time.

Delaina said...

Great stones, the last one was my favorite. Thank you!

Linda H. said...

thank YOU for stopping by my blog and commenting