Monday, September 24, 2012


Today at my other blog I posted a series of pictures. To see them, go here. Becca at Everyday Life read it and forwarded a link to me for Monday Haiku. This Monday the topic is pests.

I've always read Becca's haiku on her Monday posts but never took part in it. I also hadn't realized it was a contest. You can submit two for judging. The person who wins the contest gets to be the host for the following week and provide the new prompt. That's pretty cool. So, I figured...why not? Here are my two pest haiku for the day. (oh...and for any of my friends who do haiku, I know that 5-7-5 is not standard anymore but this contest follows the old rule so make sure to count your syllables if you want to participate).

thin circles of silk
spider decorates my car
driving me crazy

Ok. Technically that wouldn't qualify as haiku. There is no season word, unless spider counts. But hey, I was going for something punny.

Now, one with more thought.

dementia crawls in
thoughts weave themselves in circles
like pesty spiders

Yeah, I know. That probably wouldn't qualify either because it uses the word "like" in it and is more of a comparison than an observation, but that's what I've got. Anyway, I think they allow more leeway here. It's just for fun.

I wonder if anyone does a tanka contest like this. That would be cool.

If you want to participate, the blog post is here.

Please note:Work needs to be posted at the hosting blog site today.


Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

"Qualifying" or not they are both delightful :)

Linda H. said...

Thanks, Pearl.

Island Rider said...

Glad you played. I am a newbie at this too so will be judging more on what I like than rules! I am sorry about your father in law. I bet he would agree that it feels like spiders in his brain. Check back tomorrow night for winner posting.

Rebecca said...

they qualify though some of the more Haiku experts like a nature's reference we jut enjoy writing so they totally qualify. good luck

Claudette Young said...

Linda, my sister would agree with you totally on your sentiments. I like both of these. Traditional, maybe not, but effective just the same.

Rafael said...

Sorry, I didn't realize you posted on your blog, or I would have commented sooner. I really, really like your second haiku. Even without the back story, it grabs you...dementia is such a powerful word. All judges are different, but nature is usually not the most important ingredient. Most expect "kireji, or a cut of two separate ideas or thoughts. I find your meshing of the powerful lock dementia has on a mind with the spiders suffocating web intoxicating!

Well done!!!