Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to the new blog!

I've been wanting to start this blog for some time. Most of my friends have blogs. The majority write about the nuances of their lives---how the children are growing and changing, family gatherings, vacations, local events, being snowed in for the Super Bowl. Other friends have less personal blogs, ones with a particular slant—book reviews/literary discussions, culinary adventures, musing about music or the arts. Themed blogs are quite the rave these days. Do a search on themed blogs and you'll discover blogs dedicated to all aspects of tatoos, highlighting one food, or offering tips on ice sculpting. One man even blogs exclusively on railroad photography.

Considering that anything goes these day, one would think it is easy to start a blog. So, what has taken me so long, you might ask. Lack of time? long can it take to type some thoughts into my laptop. Proscrastination? Definitely not. More the opposite. Over the past few months I've spent plenty of time thinking and planning the ideal blog topic. That's more the root of the problem. I could identify the criteria for my blog but was unable to find a topic to fit.

Here is what I wanted.
  1. Not a regular blog. After all, as my friend Anke says—normal is boring. That doesn't necessarily mean that I wanted an unusual theme but I wanted more than just the this-is-me/this-is-my-life type blog. In fact, I wanted to talk as little as possible about my life.
  2. I wanted to focus on a topic which featured something I love (but somehow tiramisu didn't inspire any words of wisdom).
  3. I needed a topic that would offer flexibility. I don't want to constantly post about the same thing. The theme needs to be broad enough to allow for diversity and perhaps a bit of creativity.

So, what do I love that involves flexibility? (a-hmmm....get your mind out of the gutter, folks) Words. (yes...I really said words.) I am a bit of a word junkie. While others are moving to the beat of a song, I'm groovin' to the rhythm of the words, rolling the rhymes off my tongue, lost in the sentiment of the lyrics. Good literature, word puzzles, puns, or meaningful conversation with friends are all drugs I can't resist. So, what will you find here? That depends on the muse—one day a book review, the next my thoughts on a quote, maybe even a bit of poetry. But one thing is for certain: you'll always find words. After all, what are blogs made up of, anyway? Words.

If words, language, and literature are not your things, I understand. Perhaps you'd be more interested in something more spicy like chicken wings or sweeter like cupcakes. Ice carving? Tatoos? There's always that railroad photography blog for you train buffs. If those things are more your style, here are the links.

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

How exciting, Linda... I can't wait!


Linda H. said...

Thanks, Laurie. I only wish I could be as good a blogger as you.

Linda H. said...

I actually like the cupcake blog. Great ideas.